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KITTY is a pretty laid back FC, we aren't here to babysit you or tell you how to play. We just want all of our members to be able to enjoy the game to its fullest.
To that end we just ask that you simply treat others with respect and common courtesy and abide by these rules.

Kitty Stole My Socks FC Rules:

  • Harassment or Bullying due to (but not limited to) race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age, or any other reason will not be tolerated. This applies to both members and non-members. If you feel you have been targeted, please do not hesitate to contact an Officer. We will do our best to investigate any claims we did not witness first-hand and should they prove true, the offending player will be immediately dismissed from the FC. We aren't your babysitters, but all we ask is that you be decent human beings to eachother.
  • First tab of the company chest is for everyone. Have extra mats or items you don't need? Feel free to 'donate' them by placing them there. Need something to complete a craft or replace outdated gear? Help yourself! The same applies to the gil and crystals placed inside. Taking things just to sell for profit is frowned upon, as is cleaning out all or most of the gil/items in one go. Abuse of donated resources will be investigated by officers and will earn offending members a stern talking to (for first offence) and possible dismissal (for repeat offences.)
  • Second tab of the company chest is for much the same use as the first, though for rarer/higher quality mats and items. As such, access is more restricted although pretty much the same rules apply. If you need something inside, just speak to an officer.
  • As we are still a small FC we don't have much incentive to remove players from the roster who are inactive. This however may be subject to change as we expand. Should that happen, we will do our best to contact those who joined and went inactive before we decided to purge the roster. If you know you are going to be gone for any extended period of time, please give an officer a heads up.

Rules are subject to change by the officers or admin, though we will give ample warning should they do so.
In the event we start raiding, a section for loot rules, etc. will be added.

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